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RDD Integration

Does digital dentistry make you a better dentist?

Improvements in dental materials and techniques give rise to longer-lasting and better-functioning restorations. In line with the goal of producing long-term benefits to our patients, reducing overall caries gives rise to better patient outcomes and lower long-term costs, namely fewer restorations over time.

Integrating Technology into the Dental Practice

Integrating Technology into the Dental Practice

The world is going digital, and dentistry is no exception. As practices strive to stay up-to-date, digital technology can be incorporated into practices to enhance and simplify procedures, helping dentists to achieve the maximum return on investment in more ways than one. Newer technology allows dental offices to offer advanced, more streamlined services, accept more patients, and provide treatments with greater efficiency.

Integrating CAD/CAM

"My team was fully engaged in discussions about my vision. They responded enthusiastically, especially when they learned about many of [the E4D System’s] benefits."