The challenges of adopting and integrating Restorative Digital Dentistry tools into a top-of-the-line fee-for-service practice have been at the forefront of our thinking for over a decade. 

We know that it’s about making the right purchase decisions and running the right projects to develop skills, workflows, and marketing. We know that not all CAD/CAM Systems are easy to use or equally reliable.

We are regularly asked to share our experience and expertise—our Road Map and our Playbook.


NYCDD makes it easy to provide consulting and learning programs that help Dentists advance on their RDD journey. We also provide services to industry leaders who want to make RDD as easy to use and effective as possible. 

We know how to use RDD as a powerful engine of growth for a fee-for-service practice. We are familiar with its ability to:

  • Wow Patients
  • Improve Office Efficiency
  • Enable Easy Learning of New Skills & Behaviors for the Team 
  • Build Patient Care & Teamwork 
  • Build Profitability